Järvsö Bergscykel Park – Quick Guide

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In a short time, Järvsö Bergscykel Park, has grown to become Scandinavia’s #3 bike park, behind Åre and Hafjell.
At first, the runs on the mountain might seem a bit short, but once you get into the groove, there’s plenty to get after over a few days.

If you’re into singletrack biking on a trail bike, check out Trysil Bike Arena.

Twist Twist (full run behind Kjell Arne)

Manolito –> Tuff Brud (full run behind Kjell Arne)

Malin –> Barbro (full run behind Kjell Arne and Julia)

Travel to Järvsö
A stopover in Järvsö Bike Park on the way to Åre Bike Park will do you good on the Scandinavian Bike Park Tour. Hafjell Bike Park in Norway is a must, and on weekends and some Wednesday nights, Drammen Skisenter, half an hour outside Oslo is also worth while.