Simen Berg, born 1972, living in Oslo, Norway.
PR consultant and photojournalist.

Photography and stories:
Instagram: Instagram.com/bergphotonet
Twitter: Twitter.com/bergphotonet
Facebook Page: Facebook.com/SimenBergPhotography
Web page: www.bergphoto.net

Communications and PR: Twitter.com/simenberg
Facebook (open for follows): facebook.com/simen.berg

Outdoor activities, Music, PR & Marketing and photography.

Winter: I ski telemark, both liftserved and touring. I normally have about 50 days of skiing per season. Earlier I’ve been up 110 days per season. I also have a kite, but I don’t use it so often.

Summer: I ride an 200 mm full suspension downhill bike in lift served bike parks. I also ride a 130 mm FS 29’er trailbike. I suck at surfing, nevertheless I love it. Sea Kayaking is fun.

Travel: My favourite travel country is luckily Norway. To enjoy the sun in November, I think Pipa, Brasil, is amazing.

Music: I have been going to concerts for 20 years. I prefer Jazz, Funk, House, Hip-Hop. My top live experiences include Dave Brubeck, Erykah Badu, Lil Louie Vega (both full line up and dj set), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, George Clinton, The Wailers, Basement Jaxx, Faithless (although their last concert gave me tinnitus), Timbuktu w/Damn, DumDumBoys, Turbonegro, Seigmen.
Over the years I’ve probably seen more than a thousand live acts. My favourite venues in Oslo are Blå and Sentrum Scene.

Photography: I’ve been selling pictures since 1999. I prefer outdoor action, and I’m more of a documentary guy than an arts guy.
I use Canon. Started with a Pentax SLR in 1990. Since then I’ve had Canon, starting with eos 30, then eos 1, eos 1 v, eos 10d, eos 30d, 50d, and now, 7d. Currently I mostly use my f:2.8 IS 70-200mm and 10-22mm. Camera-wise I travel light, because I’m carrying it around all the time.

PR consulting: After studying PR, I have been working as a consultant since 1996. Brand building, media relations, web development, event marketing. Check my Linkedin profile for details:

Photojournalism: To convince people that they should go out and do fun things in nature, I have been publishing pictures and stories in major magazines/newspapers for years. I’ve also contributed to a few books, like
“Norske Eventyr” http://www.bokklubben.no/SamboWeb/produkt.do?produktId=1477694
“Skiguide til Norge” http://www.bokkilden.no/SamboWeb/produkt.do?produktId=1861265
“71 gr Nord” is another book with my pictures inside.

My pictures are also used for advertising in addition to editorial use.

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