Trysil Bike Arena – the unique singletrack experience

Text/Photo/Video: Simen Berg

Already in their first year of operation (2015), Trysil is the number one place for singletrack mountainbiking on all levels in Scandinavia. Hopefully the leading star that will inspire the rest of the destinations around.

In developing and designing an MTB product from scratch, Trysil does it by the book. And they need to. By 2020 they want to grow the number of summer visits (overnight stays) from 70 000 to 200 000.

Trysil Bike Arena aims at the singletrack mountainbikers, and already offers a well designed skills course and a green/blue 10 km trail in the Gullia. Add to that the typical Norwegian network of natural trails that are looked after, easy to find because of the signs and already on the Bike Trail Map. Not to mention biker friendly accommodation and excellent guides who also teach skills on the way. And there it is – Scandinavias leading mountainbike resort.

Downhill biking in Trysil? Not yet.
For now, the lift runs on Saturday and Sunday. But the downhill trails aren’t worth going there for. At this time. Already this fall (2015), they will start building a blue flow trail aimed at trail bikes. When opening in 2016, it will be an important addition to the red, handbuilt trail that is there now. The 26/28 trail might be OK for some beginners, but experienced riders will not be doing laps there. Sometime in the future there will be more challenging lift served trails, but it’s not a priority. For now, Sälen/Lindvallen and Gesundaberget and Hafjell are the nearest options for big bikes right now.

Heaven for trail biking beginners
The Gullia area opened in June 2015, with the blue trail. The green start of it is not yet ready, but will be shortly. The machine built flow trail is wide, with a gravel top layer. Winding through the landscape like a rollercoaster, this is fun on any mountainbike, at any age, and at any skill level. And suspension is not required at all.

Sweet Dreams is the favorite section, with no pedalling needed. Even the following climb is fun. This area will see more trails in the future.

Natural beauty
Like anywhere in Norway, there’s also a vast number of natural trails around Trysil. And it varies from Elvestien and Pilegrimsleden on the valley floor, to steeper runs like Grimsåsen, Fugleberget and Ørådalen, and up above the tree line from the top of the lift or starting from Fageråsen to do the Trysilrypa trail.

To have a full day on easy trails, you can go by car across the Swedish border to Rörbäcksnäs.

Where to eat in Trysil in summer
As most other things, even eating happens at Radisson Blu Resort Trysil. In addition to the good Italian pizza, they have an a la carte restaurant. On the Trysil main street, I would recommend Cafe Rialto for a double cortado and whatever you need for the next trail.

Where to stay in Trysil in summer
In my opinion, Radisson Blu Resort Trysil is Norway’s best year round resort hotel for active people. By far. Great location, nice rooms, good food, a variety of activities, like pools, indoor surfwave (video below) and bowling. They offer spa treatments and have a sports shop. And last, but not least, a really friendly and solution oriented staff. Each and every one whom I throw a curve ball every now and then seem to work anything out. Unfortunately that’s rare in this business in Norway.| Skistar Booking | (Tourist office)

Bike Rental in Trysil
Go to the Sport Lodge’n at Radisson Blu, they have hard tail and full suspension bikes for rent. The same goes for Sentrum Sport down town. Freshen up your shirts and shorts at the Sweet Protection HQ outlet down town.
More info on biking, lift passes, etc in Trysil here

Download/View the Trysil bike map here:

Scandinavian Bike Park Tour
If you’re already travelling far, Hafjell Bike Park is a must, so are Swedish Åre Bike Park and Järvsö Bergscykelpark. You might also want to check out Drammen Skisenter/Aronsløypa half an hour west of Oslo.

Sweet Dreams section from Gullia Trail Centre:

Ljørdalsvegen flow trail on Tim’s tail:

Ørådalen flow trail to high speed scare (full run):

Radisson Blu Resort Trysil is Norway’s best year round resort hotel for active people. They have an indoor FlowRider surf wave that is a lot of fun. Sigurd Warren Kristiansen has some tricks up his sleeve.