Hemsedal skiing in November

The cold start of this winter has offered perfect conditions for snow making. Hemsedal normally offers excellent slopes early in the season. Last year we didn’t care, as there was plenty of snow offpist (see pics/story in Norwegian). However, skiing conditions are awesome now, with soft conditions and only a few icy spots towards the end of the day.

Roni opened
The last weekend of November, the Roni part of the resort opened. The first weekend of December they will open the Tinden area as well. That means that people will spread out just fine.

My “Best of”-pics from Norwegian ski resorts

Terrain park elements opening
The popular “Blåparken” (with blue elements) has been open for two weekends already. This weekend there will be som new features opening in the brand new red line that replaces the traditional “Hemsedalsparken”. “Panoramaparken” is up and running.

Here’s the 2011 calendar, with my picture of Rolf Henrik Lonnevig cruising.

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