Drammen Skisenter Bike Park – Quick Guide


Text/Photo/Video: Simen Berg

With a mix of man made and natural trails, Drammen Skisenter, has something for everyone. Including a network of top notch singletrack from the top of the lift. Normally called “Aronsløypa” by the locals, this urban hill is easily within range from Oslo, just 30 minutes away.

A lot has changed from my first visit in 2006. In a good way. Fortunately, the awesome locals and hosts Erik and Guri are still around.

About the Drammen Bike Park trails
Flyt is the easy trail that y0u easily could ride on your hardtail. The “113” trail has a few wooden features, and ,as the name implies, it requires a more dedicated riding style, with drops and gaps. Not too hard, but still not for beginners. On the easier note, you have Bollestien and Hennings. The first one fairly straight in the fall line along Kjøsterudjuvet, the latter less steep and a lot longer. From Flyt, you can mix it up with sections from NM-løypa.

About heavenly singletrack
From the top of the lift, you can access an enormous trail network, that will keep you smiling. A lot. And everytime you think back. With a mixture of slickrock and dense forest, the trails are smooth and flowy. The hillside is littered with trails, so with a full suspension trail bike, you can do lift supported runs all day. Or just do longer rides on the plateau and finish with some of the special stages from the DrammeEnduro that left grown men giggling (see map below).

Here’s the machine built Flyt, second by second.

Here’s one of my favorites, Bollestien. Full run, second by second.

Hennings trail, also full run, second by second:

NM-løypa + Rett ned (?)

TBE singletrack run, second by second. Not an official part of the bike park, but it gives you an idea of the terrain.


Scandinavian Bike Park Tour
If you’re already travelling far, Hafjell Bike Park is a must, so are Swedish Åre Bike Park and Järvsö Bergscykelpark.
If you’re into singletrack biking on a trail bike, check out Trysil Bike Arena.

Check my Strava Bike Park map for Drammen here

DrammEnduro comp:


Here’s the DrammEnduro 2014 trail map

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