Hemsedal Bike Park Flow Trail film

Text/Photo/Video: Simen Berg
Mountain bike flow trails are booming in Norway these days. Serving as a supplement to the world class natural single tracks all over the place, Hemsedal’s lift served Silverstone flow trail is my favorite. Because it is well built and offers a vast number of enormous berms and hits to get some air. You will also find a few table tops.

This video was filmed in October 2021 to show what the trail is about for those who wonder what level of riding skills it requires (big shout out to front rider Martin Ellingsen).
As you probably can tell, you’ll be fine on a hard tail, or even on a hybrid without suspension (until the brake bumps get worse). I wouldn’t recommend bringing the youngest kids, as you need some speed for a few big elements.
Rekkje Stiutvikling spent 2021 repairing questionable build quality from the 2020 crew, and finalising the entertaining lower part of the trail. There are still a few berms missing in the “skicrossløypa” area, they are good to go in 2022.
EDIT: In 2022 the Silverstone trail got completed.

Hemsedal 2022 addition: Broadway and High Line

Trailhead Nesbyen built a trail (Broadway) that is green to where the former photo op creek/waterfall on top of Djeveldalen is covered up with a massive hut. From there it continues with the blue High Line. It opened in September and starts from the top of the lift.

Restaurants for food and drinks when biking in Hemsedal
On top of the lift, you have Fjellkafeen, and down the trail, you can stop by Skigaarden (the best pizza). In Hemsedal, I recommend Elmas Handel for coffe and sweet cakes, the best burgers are served at Kroken.

Additional bike trails in Hemsedal
By Fyri Hotel, you find short green/blue/red trails at “Tottelia Rides” well suited for kids and beginners to do laps. From late fall in 2022 you could ride the jump line that is the finishing stretch of the red machine built trail from the top that opens in 2023.
In general, natural trails in Hemsedal are rough and red+ marked. With an exception of the Karisetberget trail. For smoother riding, leave the valley and go to Kjølen at Lykkja or Golsfjellet and the plateau over towards Ål.
Look it all up on Trailguide.net

Hemsedal bike rental
I recommend renting a bike from MOH Sport in Hemsedal. They have all sorts of bikes. Electrical Specialized Turbo Levo bikes are awesome for self shuttling when the lift isn’t running.

Hallingdal Rides
Hemsedal is part of the Hallingdal Rides initiative, established to promote and build/maintain trails in the region, including Geilo, Ål, Gol, Golsfjellet, Nesbyen, Turufjell, Flå, and Høgevarde.