Stryn Sommerski/summer skiing back on track

SimenBerg-Stryn-5382Baksida: Kathrine cruising on May 18th.

Text/photo: Simen Berg

With an impressive 540 meter vertical drop, Stryn Sommerski summer skiing offers better freeride terrain than a lot of winter resorts.

Read stories in Norwegian: May 2013 and June 2005

This year, I returned for the first time since biking took over as the number one spring activity seven years ago. And MAN, how great it was to be back. We lucked out with warm summer temperatures already 17th to 20th of May, with both lifts running from the very start on the pre-opening weekend.

After quite a few years with issues concerning the running of the resort, it now seems to be solved with new owners and an experienced and dedicated crew.

As long as Stryn didn’t live up to it’s potential for a period of time, both Juvass and Folgefonna have gained ground lately. Especially when it comes to the terrain park and photo sessions at Folgefonna.

The freeriders know what they get here, and are certainly on their way back. Because Folgefonna/Juvass can’t match the terrain. And with Stryn hosting the Snowboard national championships the second weekend of June in a killer park, they will work their way back to the top.

Facts below the pics


Mid May – July (or whenever the snow melts)

Stryn and Folven Accommodation, Eating, Night Life
If you come here to go skiing and hang out with skiers, you need to be in the Hjelle and Folven area. Stryn is another 20 minutes by car further away from the skiing at Tystigen. With Folven camping as the happening place, it might be a bit loud on weekends. So if you admit to be too old, check out Nygård Camping or Hjelle Hotel. If you’re not into happy people at a bar, you should stay at Grotli, Strynevatnet or “downtown” Stryn.

Stryn Travel
For a hassle-free life at Stryn you would like to go by car. Nor-Way buses pass Folven Camping that has a ski bus service on weekends this summer.

What else to do
Ski touring, Glacier walking at Olden, Mountain biking, Beach volley at Hjelle, Surfing at Stad.

Stryn sommerski
Tourist office

Folven rando-festival by Tommy Aslaksen

Why go to Juvass (Galdhøpiggen sommarskisenter) instead?
Fresh snow and long season. They normally run from May until the winter resorts open. Amazing early season skiing down to the valley.

Why go to Folgefonna instead?
Snowboard and ski camps and a great terrain park. Opens early May.

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Bjorli Skisenter early season powder skiing

Text/Photo/Film: Simen Berg

According to the rumours, Bjorli Skisenter isn’t steep enough for proper skiing. That’s wrong.

Snow conditions
My two visits were both on a search for early season powder skiing. Bjorli is known to be among the first ski resorts in Norway to open every season. And as you see, the last weekends of October and November respectively, can provide powder snow in line with January dumps. Low pressure hitting from northwest is your cue to plan your trip to Bjorli.

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The Bjorli Resort
The back bone of the lift system is the chair lift that takes you right above the tree line. From there, you can go further up, but I never tried this terrain because of early/pre season visits. The top lift goes to 1250 meters above sea level, and leaves you with a decent 675 vertical meters.
The slopes are popular among ski racers, and before Christmas there’s normally quite a few crews there to practice, including national teams.
The off pist skiing from the tree line and down is a bit dense, but if you’re used to tree skiing, you’ll be fine. Have a look at the video below. Above the tree line there’s wide open areas, though you won’t find steep skiing here without bringing your skins for touring in the area. The nearby Romsdalen area got ranked among the five top places for touring in Norway. The home of Romsdalshorn, Trollveggen, Trollstigen, Kirketaket and Vengetind is a must if you like a sea view with your touring.

My “Best of”-pics from Norwegian ski resorts

Bjorli Eating/Night Life
Normally there isn’t much going on after the lifts close. You can eat dinner at Bjorligard Hotel, where they also have a bar. Fem Stuer is a nice little café/restaurant.

Bjorli Travel/Accommodation
The train stops at Bjorli, just pay attention to distances and logistics when you book a place to stay.

Ski Resort:
Booking: Accomodation, etc.
Snow conditions:

Bjorligard: For my first visit, I stayed at Bjorligard Hotel. A nice place, with nice food and an outdoor jacuzzi.
Gear testing: During my last visit, we tested the new Rottefella NTN Freedom Binding, mounted on Völkl Mantra and Katana. For reference, we had both skis with NTN Freeride on them as well. On top of that, we spent some time on Shiro and Kuro, too. A true Völkl convention, so to speak. I’ll return with my take on the NTN Freedom binding. In short, I like it a lot.

October 27/28th 2012

Pics from November 2008 and October 2012

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New Bike Park in Oslo Sommerpark Tryvann

Text: Simen Berg Photo/Video: Simen Berg

Drammen Skisenter (half hour drive) and Hafjell Bike Park (two hours drive) are the closest alternatives.

On June 29th 2012, Norway got an addition to the list of lift served bike parks aimed at those who like to fly down trails on full suspension downhill/freeride bikes. Oslo Sommerpark now offers five trails, of which one is a hand built DH race track. Next year they will add another three trails.

Fairly new sport in Norway
Gravity based biking in bike parks really started off for real in Hafjell around 2005. Until then, most of the action happened in Frognerseteren, close to Holmenkollen. Served by line 1 on the Oslo subway system between Skådalen and Frognerseteren. And that’s the same stop you will get the closest to Oslo Sommerpark by the Tryvann tower. More about the other bike parks later.

About the park
This bike park is a totally incredible accomplishment, taking into consideration that it all was built from scratch in less than two months.

But here it actually is, and five trails are up and running, with three more to come in 2013. Bike Park guru Snorre Pedersen from Hafjell Bike Park designs the trails, so no rookie mistakes around here.

The five trails are:

  • Begynnern: Flowy and bermy out in the open.
  • Eastside: Some tables and berms, but mostly tight corners on a narrower, machine built trail in the forest.
  • Fri Flyt: High speed trail with a lot of air time.
  • Stiknuser’n: Singletrack
  • Ryehufsa: Sportsklubben Rye built a downhill track for Norwegian Cup events.

Note: Please note that the videos were filmed on the very first opening day, with loose and wet conditions.




About the bikes
Begynnern and Eastside are smooth enough for hard tails until the brake bumps get to tiresome. With a full suspension trail / AM bike you’ll be fine in Stiknusern as well.
With a freeride/downhill bike you’ll be happy all over the place.


More Norwegian parks
Hafjell is the best bike park in Norway. Half an hour from Oslo, Drammen Skisenter offers excellent biking. In addition, you can enjoy lift served downhill biking at Geilo, Hemsedal, Ål, Narvik, Vrådal, Hovden, Ulriksbanen (Bergen), Fjellheisen (Tromsø).

Oslo Bike Park getting there UPDATE

Text: Simen Berg Photo: Simen Berg/Mads Mørch

Drammen Skisenter (half hour drive) and Hafjell Bike Park (two hours drive) are the closest alternatives.

Oslo Sommerpark opens with bike trails June 29th. Note that the bike rental already is open on a daily basis with HT/FS mountainbikes and DH bikes. Check their website for details.

Here’s your preview with a few shots and a GoPro helmet cam edit from “Eastside” and “Begynner’n” trails while building is still in progress.

In addition to those two flowy, bermy trails, three more will open at the end of this month:

  • Fri Flyt: High speed trail with a lot of air time.
  • Stiknuser’n: Singletrack
  • Downhill track: Sportsklubben Rye built a course for Norwegian Cup events.

BEGYNNER’N TRAIL June 12th, not finished ( will be 1200 meters long)

EASTSIDE TRAIL June 12th, the finished first half


For years we’ve been hoping for the bike park in Oslo to become a reality. But we didn’t really believe it would happen anytime soon. In February I heard the unbelievable rumours that it would open before summer. Totally incredible, taking into consideration that it all would have to be built from scratch in two months.
But here it actually is, and three trails will be opening in four weeks, with more to come. Bike Park guru Snorre Pedersen from Hafjell Bike Park designs the trails, so no rookie mistakes around here.


Pics from the “Eastside” trail

Høyt og lavt på Madeira

Tekst/Foto: Simen Berg (English summary below)

Vandremulighetene på Madeira er mange, fra vannrette levada-stier til loddrette alpine klipper med karrige hyller i.

Vi skal på vandretur, og bilen klatrer fra Funchal på svingete og bratte veier. Startpunktet er uvant for en tur i alpint miljø. Asfalten går til topps på Pico do Arieiro på 1818 meter, nesten på høyde med øyas høyeste fjell. Her starter den tilrettelagte gangveien, som til å begynne med virker overflødig.

Fra det brede platået rundt toppen blir stien smalere og smalere. Noen få skritt i den løse grusen på siden forteller oss at her er det glatt som kulelager, og livsfarlig å forlate den opparbeida vandringsveien. Flere steder utgjør den eneste farbare vei i en loddrett fjellvegg, og vi hadde nødig tatt sjansen på å gå her uten gjerdet av stålwire som er satt opp på de eksponerte partiene.

Dessverre for oss er ruta videre via Pico das Torres (1851 meter) til øyas høyeste topp, Pico Ruivo (1862 meter), stengt på grunn av vedlikehold. Derfor får vi bare sett nærmere to kilometer av den spektakulære turen, som er på totalt 13 kilometer hvis du går til Achada do Teixeira. Utsikten er en viktig del av denne turen, så det er verdt å ta med værvarselet i planleggingen.

Ponta de Sau Lourenco er det østligste punktet på Madeira. Stien dit går forbi svimlende klipper mot nord, og er absolutt verdt å ta som en halvdagstur.

Turene kan fint gås med lave sko, men de bør ha stiv nok såle til at du ikke kjenner det harde underlaget igjennom.
Vi reiste til Madeira med Solia fra Oslo i begynnelsen av mai. Les mer om Madeira her (snart):
Sykling, Juving, eller Byen Funchal med blomsterfestivalen

Når du først er i Atlanteren, vil du kanskje lese om følgende på Azorene:
Vandring, Hvalsafari, Hesteridning

English summary
The pictures are from hikes from Pico do Arieiro and on the East Cape, Ponta de Sau Laurenzo. Read more about these hikes on this excellent blog.

Slickrock heaven for biking

Text/pics/video: Simen Berg

How about endless slickrock terrain with marked trails for biking in daytime, combined with high end hotel accommodation and food? Including massage, sauna, hot tub and bonfire story telling on top of this. Canvas Hotel in Telemark offers this incredible mix of adrenaline biking and soothing comfort.

Normally, groups of guests arrive by bike on an hour long trail. Others want to arrive on the 1.5 or 3 hour long trails. The latter on the DNT-trail from Gautefall. Luggage is taken care of. Once in the camp there’s a selection of marked trails, for the time being from 3 to 15 kilometers. Guests are divided in groups based on distance ambitions or technical levels, and guides bring them along to give everyone what they came for. Upon request, guides can easily organize multi-day trips in the area as well.

The trails are flowy and not very steep. The slickrock formations offer any imaginable feature, including streams, lakes and deep and wide cracks in the landscape. These are negotiated with bridges and woodwork in to the necessary extent. Luckily, the trailmaster himself is the landowner, who also is eager riding his bike. So in the years to come, there are loads of trail gems in pipeline here.

The hotel itself consists of 12 comfy yurts with two beds, heated with firewood. There’s a kitchen tent, sauna and bathrooms.
More information:

The trails are super smooth, so you’ll be fine on everything from a 100mm full suspension bike. 160mm will be overkill, but no problem. You’ll be OK on a hardtail, but should consider renting a Lapierre Zesty at Canvas.

Go on E18 to Porsgrunn and follow signs to Drangedal. Or you continue south on E18 and go on Drangedal signs from there. When passing Drangedal, keep going until Gautefall signs show up. Follow them, and stick to the plan you made when booking at the hotel. Allow 3.5 hours from Oslo and a bit more than 1 hour from Porsgrunn.

15 km/500 vertical meters from the hotel:

Gautefall – Canvas Hotel. 15 km/600 vertical one way on DNT trail. Walking trail that lacks the Canvas flow:

More info:
Guide at (in Norwegian) –
Story in Norwegian –

1327 vertical meters in one run

Text/pics/video: Simen Berg

Only 1.5 hours by car from Oslo, you can do one of Norway’s most amazing All Mountain rides on your mountainbike.  The climb starts at approximately 800 meters (from the tree line), and follows a truly biker-friendly DNT trail to Høgevarde (peak at 1459m, DNT-hut at 1400m). If you go back down all the way to Krøderen Lake (132m),  you’ll have one of the most majestic singletrack/doubletrack runs you can find in Norway. 25 kilometers downhill, of which only 3 kms on gravel/tarmac roads. And only a couple of handfulls of climbing meters.

From the Høgevarde peak you can enjoy a 360 degree view only surpassed by Gaustatoppen in southeastern Norway (straight to your west when standing there). You can also see Tryvannstårnet in Oslo on clear days.

There’s just one short passage on the climb that’s a bit hard to climb, mostly because of loose rocks. In other words, you’ll be fine on a 120 mm full suspension mountainbike. With more travel, you’ll obviously be more comfy at higher speeds back down the hill. A hardtail will also be OK, but not ideal. Additional protection other than the helmet really isn’t necessary, but I’ll wear light knee/elbow pads the next time I go (watch the video and judge for yourself). Two cars make the shuttling easier, but you might get a lift back to the top, or call the taxi (could be expensive).

By car from Oslo, you go on E16 from Sandvika and Riksvei 7 from Hønefoss until you get to Noresund. Then you wanna take a look at the map and start planning. It’s 1.5 hours from Oslo, a little less from Drammen.

Guide at (in Norwegian) –
Map/GPS-track –
Norefjell –
Weather forecast Norefjell (800m) –

Quality Spa & Resort Norefjell (Hotel at Bøseter) –
DNT (Høgevarde) –

Narvik offers Norway’s best freeride skiing – diving into the fjord

Text/pics: Simen Berg/Kathrine Duun Moen

The best lift-served skiing in Norway is by far Narvikfjellet. The 1832 meter long gondola ride itself is worth the trip to Narvik.

2013 Links and video added below

Unfortunately it is far to travel, also for most of us Norwegians. But if you leave Oslo Thursday evening, and return Monday morning in time for work, anyone can do it without wrecking the relationship to your boss, smashing your budget or planning months ahead. Because you do want to know that the conditions are right. And in late April, you might very well encounter 30 cms of fresh snow that stays dry for the top 800 vertical meters.

The reasons why I rate it the best skiing in Norway (ahead of Hemsedal) is:
– The vast freeride terrain facing three directions right off a fairly effective lift system.
– The view of the fjord and the surrounding mountains.
– The runs from Mørkholla/Tredjetoppen that you reach after a 25 min hike.
– The fact that you’re in an actual city.
– The easy access by plane/bus (Widerøe to local Fagernes airport, Norwegian/SAS to Evenes)
– The short distance to epic touring in Lofoten or guaranteed snow at Riksgränsen.

Riders: Kathrine Duun Moen/Simen Berg

Obviously it’s an awesome place for freeride/downhill biking. This is Emil Carlson bombing. In 2011, locals started working on the not-so-downhill “Black kids” track, that will attract more normal riders. As opposed to the old and more hard core downhill track. Also Rallarveien from Bjørnfjell to Rombaksbotn is totally awesome on a FS or HT mountain bike.

Check out a full run, top to bottom, 888 vertical meters:

To go to Narvik, you catch a plane to Evenes/Harstad airport, and catch a bus transfer. Or go via Bodø to catch a Widerøe flight directly to Narvik. | |

On the main street, you can stay at Quality Hotel Grand Royal (redecorated in 2012) or the new landmark Rica Hotel Narvik from 2012. They both have nice rooms, great food and awesome sky bars.

April 2013 pics on Fri Flyt
More powder freeride pics in my “Best of Norwegian Ski Resorts” gallery
(featuring skiing/snowboarding in Hemsedal, Narvik, Stranda, Fjellsetra and Norefjell)

2013 Fri Flyt story | 2010 Fri Flyt story

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Stryn Sommerskisenter Glacier summer skiing
Turtagrø Hotel Hurrungane Jotunheimen topptur backcountry touring skiing

Vulkansk vandring

Tekst/Foto: Simen Berg (English summary below)
Når været ikke inviterer til sløving i sola, er det være fint å dra på sightseeing eller gå tur. Vulkanøya har mange godbiter å by på. Eksotisk nok er det god grunn til å ta med badetøy uavhengig av været, for flere steder sørger var med kilder for fine badetemperaturer. Ved Mosteiros i nordvest er det til og med viker med sjøvann som er så varme en hver vassfis orker å bade. Like ved krateret med Lagoa do Fogo, finnes Caldeira Velha, som er et juv med varme kilder og en liten foss innerst. «Utendørsdusj» får en ny betydning når du står i denne fossen midt i en jungel, og vannet holder perfekt dusjtemperatur. At huden holder seg silkemyk i timevis etterpå er en ren bonus.

Stoppestedene ligger tett på øya, som er 62 kilometer lang, og fra 8 til 15 kilometer bred. Det går fint å leie bil og ta seg rundt på egenhånd. Allikevel er det å anbefale å bli med på guida tur også. Selv om det er unorsk å gjøre noe sånt, vil mange ha glede av kunnskapen de lokale guidene sitter på. Spesielt siden øya har flora og geologi som er såpass ulik vår egen, er det artig å være på tur med en uutømmelig kilde til nyttig og unyttig informasjon.

Områdene rundt Furnas-sjøen og Pico da Vara (øyas høyeste topp på 1105 meter) er fine for vandring og sykling. Vi tok turen på vestsida, på kanten av det største krateret og videre ned til landsbyen Sete Cidades. Turen er 12 kilometer lang og tar en halv dag i rolig tempo på grusveien som går rundt det meste av Lagoa Azul. Fra starten på 700 meter over havet er det bare 100 meters stigning før resten er nedoverbakke. Etter hvert kommer veien helt ut på kanten av krateret, hvor skråningen går stupbratt ned til vannet 300 meter under oss. Tvillingsjøene der nede viser sine karakteristiske blå og grønne farger. Nedstigningen til en fortreffelig kaffe i den søvnige landsbyen går på den bratteste grusveien vi har sett. Dessverre dukket det aldri opp noe trafikk mens vi tråkket oss sidelengs nedover.

Vi reiste til Azorene med Solia fra Oslo i begynnelsen av mai.
Mer om Azorene: Hvalsafari, Hesteridning

During our Ponta Delgada stay in May 2011, we went hiking by the Twin lakes. We also visited the hot spring Caldeira Velha. The next time we visit, we’ll check out biking and hiking around the Furnas Lake and Pico da Vara, the highest peak on the island.

Fjols på hesteryggen

Tekst/Foto: Simen Berg (English summary below)

Den frodige hovedøya på Azorene, Sao Miguel har flere ridesentre.

Tittelen refererer til undertegnede, som aldri har ridd før. Nå skal vi ut med premiehestene til hesteoppdretter Manuel Soares, som nettopp er ferdig med dressurshowet på Quinta Pico da Cruz. Nå skal hestejenta Kathrine for evig og alltid få justert skalaen for hesteopplevelser. I det hun setter seg til rette i salen på Lusitanoen «Sabre» går smilet hennes nesten helt rundt:
– Jeg har aldri sittet på en så fin hest, sier hun.

Den 17 år gamle hesten min heter Princessa, og er håndplukket til rytteren.
– Det er henne jeg alltid har pleid å ri. Jeg stoler 100 prosent på henne, sånn at du slipper noen overraskelser, sier Manuel med et smil.

Jeg tenker at det vennlige smilet hans også kan tolkes som overbærende. Forståelig nok.

Fra den prydelige gården rusler vi oppover stien og får stadig bedre utsikt til nordsiden av øya.

Bak meg, høyt der oppe fra den guddommelige Sabre, hører jeg en flirfull oppfordring:
– Du må slippe ned skuldrene, de er helt oppunder ørene dine, sier Kathrine, som selv jobber med å tøyle hestekreftene i den nykastrerte Sabre.

Etter hvert blir det lettere å slappe av og nyte turen. Selv om avslutningen i full galopp ikke føltes spesielt kontrollert.

Vi reiste til Azorene med Solia fra Oslo i begynnelsen av mai.
Mer om Azorene: Hvalsafari, Vandring

During our Ponta Delgada stay in May 2011, we went horseback riding. After watching the show with Lusitano horses at Quinta Pico da Cruz, we went riding for a couple of hours in beautiful surroundings.